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ASTI does not field any formal athletics teams.  However, ASTI does have multi-school agreements with both of the comprehensive high schools in Alameda Unified School District.  Any ASTI student residing in the city of Alameda is eligible to try out for either Alameda High or Encinal High's teams.  An individual student's placement is determined by their 'home school' as defined by district attendance zone boundaries.


To determine your AUSD home school, you can use the neighborhood school locator found on AUSD's website.


California Interscholastic Federation (CIF)              Alameda High School Hornets                                 Encinal High School Jets



PE waivers for students who participate in sports

Students who participate in AUSD or competitive club sports are now eligible to apply for a waiver of the 10th grade physical education course requirement.  (9th grade students are not eligible)  Students can apply for either 1 semester of 2 semesters to be waived, based on the number of sports seasons they participate in or the total hours spent in competitive club sports.  Families interested in waivers can obtain the form in the office or download it here: AUSD PE Waiver Form


October 2012 Article regarding our multi-school agreement